Silicone make-up brushes: hit or miss?

Recently, Make Up Revolution brand has launched a new product – silicone make-up brushes. The set of three brushes is supposed to help us do full and precise make-up. According to Make Up Revolution producer, owing to the silicone brushes you won’t only be able to apply a foundation but also do the full and professional face contouring. I have to admit that I was fairly intrigued by these ‘triplets.’ Hence, I decided to test them and see for myself whether they are really better than classic brushes and, in general, better than everything I’ve been using so far to apply make-up with. Feel encouraged to read my silicone brushes by Make Up Revolution review.

Silicone make-up brushes. What’s this?

First of all, silicone brushes look like the regular make-up brushes: they have wooden handle and their shape is almost the same as the brushes we normally use. The only difference, of course, concerns the head of the brushes which isn’t made of regular bristle but a kind of a flat ‘tongue’. Each ‘tongue’ has different shape thanks to which they are able to adjust to face. This set features:

  • a flat and oval brush which can be used to apply foundation and contour face (it can be also used to apply a blusher with);
  • a specially shaped triangular brush which is supposed to adjust to lower eyelids (you can use it to apply an under eye cream or shape cheeks);
  • a flat and angled brush which you can use to apply a blusher, a highlighter or a bronzer.

The brushes are rather stiff, the silicone isn’t easy to bend which should help you apply the colour cosmetics without problems. Also, the products aren’t supposed to leave smudges on your face when distributed with the very items. Another advantage of Make Up Revolution brushes is that the applied cosmetic isn’t absorbed by the bristle but it’s lain on the face with the exact quantity you squeezed out form a tube. This enables you to save up cosmetics because you use less of a product than when distributing it using a sponge, for example.

Silicone make-up brushes. Performance & Effects

Did silicone brushes pass the test? I’m going to be straight with you about that. I need to tell you that, sadly, I’m disappointed with this ‘silicone’ solution offered by Make Up Revolution. This set doesn’t serve me well no matter if I used it as the accessories for foundation, camouflage or contouring application. To be honest, it isn’t so difficult to apply the foundation to my cheeks but it became quite a challenge to deliver the cosmetic to nose, for example. It got reallymundane and troublesome then. I guess, the set should feature another brush, definitely a smaller one, so as to facilitate distributing foundation to all the hard-to-reach areas on the face. Moreover, the brush that is designed for concealer application also turned out to be impractical. Not only does it distribute the cosmetic unevenly (I used concealers of different brands to be sure) but also it kept stretching the under eye skin area. I’m sure that just a few months of stretching the skin this way and you will notice your under skin area getting flabby.

Moreover, application of a highlighter and a blusher, despite a few attempts made, ended up in failure. Despite my genuine willingness, experience in make-up and involvement, I had to reach for Beauty Blender, use my fingertip or a regular, hairy brush. To make a long story short, I had to use anything that was near me to clean up the mess from my face (the unsuccessful make-up, of course).

The triangular brush is also designed to facilitate applying a line along the upper eyelashes. However, I must ask you to forgive me but I didn’t really have energy to try this technique out. I just was sure that it wouldn’t be successful either.

As it’s not hard to guess, I’m not going to use the brushes to apply make-up with but I’ve found another way of making an advantage of just one brush, the oval one. To my surprise, it turned out that it’s good at distributing any kind of face masks. This silicone brush doesn’t only make it really fast but it’s extremely easy to clean it after the procedure. Therefore, the brush is clean all the time so bacteria don’t multiply between the bristle.

Silicone make-up brushes. My comments

The undisputed advantage of the silicone make-up brushes is the fact that they are very hygienic. Undoubtedly, it’s super easy and fast to keep silicone clean. It neither changes its shape nor bends while being cleansed. Thanks to this quality, brushes preserve their original form for really long. Trouble begins when it comes to the make-up itself. When you browse the Internet, it turns out that silicone brushes don’t gather many positive comments, neither I got along with these gadgets. I guess, for those who start their adventure with make-up, silicone brushes might appear to be a not-so-enjoyable experience. Make-up beginners tend to squeeze out either too much or too little of a product which is hard to distribute on face when using silicone brushes. In my opinion, make-up done with the use of silicone brushes equals constant touch-ups. To sum up, I had to turn to classic, hairy brushes to save the make-up I was applying. Only in this way was I able to blend the cosmetics precisely so there were no strangle lines appearing on my face after contouring.

Also, bear in mind that silicone brushes aren’t useful in the case of loose and pressed cosmetics. In other words, you can make use of the silicone brushes in order to apply products either in their liquid or creamy form. Therefore, if you don’t like using liquid colour cosmetics or simply aren’t used to applying them – you may find silicone make-up brushes completely redundant.

All things considered, my opinion concerning silicone make-up brushes isn’t positive. I think, this is a gadget that one can do without. To me, it’s better to spend money on a high quality hairy brushes than on rather impractical, silicone ‘spatulas’ which, to be honest, aren’t easy to wield. It isn’t stated clearly how to use them to get natural-looking and professional make-up.


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