State of skin vs. lifestyle. Do those two things have something in common?

Hello Girls,

It’s very interesting how our skin condition is influenced by the lifestyle we lead. Addictions, lack of sleep, dehydration and many, many more have negative impact on our complexion. Find out what is bad for you and your organism. Enjoy the reading!


Alcohol, smokes, drugs… You probably are aware of the negative impact they have on our organism. But do you know how they affect our skin in particular? Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and taking drugs cause wrinkles and discolorations, make skin look dull, the level of collagen drops down, and dehydration reaches almost maximum. The solution? Do your best to resign from taking drugs and cut down on bad habits. I know, it won’t be easy but thanks to this your organism, including the skin, will become healthy and beautiful.


If you feed on fast food, drink fizzy drinks, dig in sweet snacks, then your skin will stop looking good pretty soon, believe me. What might surprise you, its condition won’t improve even when you start supplying the organism with necessary vitamins and microelements. ‘Why is that?’, you would ask. Let me explain this to you. Namely, skin, despite the above-mentioned substances, requires proteins to carry out all regeneration processes as well as to protect itself from the external factors. Moreover, your skin needs carbohydrates the lack of which can lead to acne. Therefore, make sure that the food you consume is varied: eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit, set the fixed hours of eating and drink a lot of still mineral water.


Lack of proper dosage of water in organism is directly connected with the above-mentioned negative factors (unbalanced diet and addictions). It can’t be denied, dehydration influences not only the state of skin but also the condition of the entire organism. The aftermath? Wrinkles, impaired ability of epidermis to regenerate, susceptibility to damages, roughness, constant feeling of contracted skin and many, many more. Also, when you don’t replenish your organism with the appropriate amount of water daily, it loses natural tone and welcomes discolorations.


If you don’t get enough sleep, work till small hours, and if you don’t have time to take a nap during a day, soon this kind of lifestyle will leave its mark on your skin. To demonstrate, it won’t take long before you notice dark circles and swellings under eyes whereas the entire face will look fatigued and sad, the eyelids will drop. Of course, issues with sleep can be caused by various health problems. In this case, skin is dull, improperly supplied with blood and covered with wrinkles.


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