The magic of memories… My makeup now and in the past

Hello, girls!

I’ve finally plucked up the courage to write about my makeup in the past. You’ll see the way my makeup has evolved, what beauty products I used to have and how I used to damage my skin. Enjoy!

Once upon a time…

My makeup beginnings weren’t successful. I started wearing makeup when I was 16 and had a huge problem with acne. I tried to hide pimples under the layers of foundation and powders. Just imagine the effect: concealer smudges, foundation clumps and powder that barely handled the shiny complexion. To make things worse… as a typical teenager, I liked to define my eyelashes so I applied a few layers of mascara that got clumpy and brittle. In all PE classes, mascara would run down my lashes.

My makeup today

How did it happen that my makeup looks totally different now? Firstly, I grew up and understood that my appearance should be nice, well-kept and neat. I’ve abandoned all heavy foundations, clogging concealers and not working powders. I’ve chosen mineral, chemist cosmetics with healing properties. Secondly, acne. I had to cure it once and for all. Applying layers of foundation, corrector and powder, I clogged skin pores, which led to overproduction of sebum and new pimples. Since I started using beauty products with antibacterial ingredients, my skin looks a whole lot better. Acne almost disappeared, some scars are getting lighter and the skin produces less sebum. Thirdly, awareness. I got interested in skin care and products. I keep expanding my knowledge about healing ingredients and try to visit a beauty salon every month.

What beauty products do I use?

Vichy Dermablend foundation – Opal hue – is my favorite. It gives a great coverage so I don’t need a concealer. I use Avene Couvrance mosaic powder as a finish product. It has a few shades of orange, rosy and beige – blended, they create a color that matches the skin. For my eye makeup I use Annabelle Minerals Eyeshadow, High Impact Mascara and Clinique Cream Shaper For Eyes. 


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