We Share 3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Washing the Face in the Morning

As soon as we wake up, we go to the bathroom, wash the face using water and a blob of cleansing gel or foam, and move on to the next skincare steps. This takes a while but we are used to it, doing it mechanically. We treat face washing like tooth brushing and can’t imagine our routine without it. What if… you stopped washing the face in the morning and got more time and nicer complexion? Keep reading for 3 reasons why you should stop cleansing the face in the morning.

Whenever we spot imperfections on the face, we try to get rid of them using all possible means. We replace cosmetics, invest in expensive brands, and build our daily routine up, adding new stages and products. Unfortunately, we often get adverse effects instead of improving the skin. What if we tried a totally different approach, and instead of multi-stage routine, go for minimalism? We’ve learnt that giving up on morning face wash is very likely to make the complexion better.

3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Washing Your Face in the Morning

1. You let your skin rest

If you use mild cleansing products and wash the face gently, then obviously you don’t do any harm. However, many girls are guilty of rubbing the skin harshly or even scrubbing it. This definitely causes damage! Skin irritation leads to zits, redness, and acne breakouts. Once you give up on morning face wash, your complexion has a chance to bounce back.

2. You save time

We all know that every minute is precious in the morning rush. When you stop washing the face in the morning, you spend less time on the morning routine because you just use a toner or flower water. This takes a few seconds.

3. Evening skin care gives better results

Most girls have an evening routine involving many steps. There’s no point in applying serum, moisturizer and eye cream and washing them out after a few hours. If you don’t wash the face in the morning, each drop of the products will be fully absorbed.

Is not washing the face in the morning good for all skin types?

First and foremost, you need to observe your skin’s reactions. It takes a few days to see if this approach benefits your complexion. Not washing the face in the morning is best for dry skin. It may prove a bad idea if you’ve got oily or acne-prone skin. In this case face washing lets you get rid of excess of oil, bacteria and germs so not doing it may intensify the problem instead of improving the complexion.


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