You’ve recently lost a few pounds? Check the best skin care

Losing a few pounds always boosts the mood. On the other hand, it means changes in the skin’s looks. If the weight loss is radical, then you are likely to be left with stretch marks and loose skin on some body parts.

How can you develop best skin care strategy?

If you notice your clothes get baggy and the scale shows less, it’s high time you started planning your new skin care regimen. A diet isn’t enough to keep it in shape. Healthy food helps to lose unwanted pounds but you also need cosmetics that keep your skin firm, moisturized and strong. You must also regularly hydrate your body from within with the right drinks and meals.

Toning up after weight loss

Ideally, start skin-firming action immediately after losing unnecessary weight. Tailor skin care step to your diet which is supposed to keep your body healthy and fit. Best body-shaping products restore density and reduce fat tissue. While applying the product, massage the skin with a roller or glove for better absorption. It should focus on body parts most exposed to fat build-up and weight loss-related imperfections.

Elastic and lively skin

Cosmetics you use for skin care should contain ingredients which repair connective tissue, strengthen collagen and elastin fibers as well as ensure moisture and nutrients. While shopping, check products for:

  • carnitine which accelerates metabolism and helps reduce fat tissue;
  • hyaluronic acid, urea, aloe which have moisturizing effect;
  • caffeine, ginger, ginseng which help burn fat and improve blood flow;
  • collagen and elastin which firm up and enhance density of skin;
  • ginkgo and onion extracts which smooth out and brighten stretch marks and scars;
  • algae extract which moisturizes, firms up and smoothes out;
  • proteins which prevent water loss and damage to hydro-lipid layer.

Diet & treatments to fight loose skin after losing weight

Cosmetics aren’t enough to get the right skin care after losing weight. Diet and beauty salon treatments are extremely important. Enrich your daily meals with foods rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, fatty acids, iron and selenium. Vegetables, fish, vegetable oils, nuts and whole grains are highest in them. At the same time, give up on alcohol, sugars, smoking, sunbathing and processed food.

In a beauty parlor, try firming, shine-increasing and strengthening treatments. Radio frequency or endermologie work well giving effects that last from a few months to two years.


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